Bioinformatics in Infectious Disease Research

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November 06 | 1 p.m. CST

Bioinformatics for Infectious Diseases 1

We welcome you to join us for a free event where we will discuss how genomic data and bioinformatics have been used to study infectious diseases and are playing a major role in the current COVID-19 pandemic. Topics we will cover:

  • Analysis methods and tools for genomic and transcriptomic data analysis of host-pathogen interaction
  • Methods to study relationships based on local and global multiple sequence alignment (MSA)
  • Phylogenetic analysis and evolutionary studies used for genome ancestry and population fitness
  • Chemical and  structural implications of sequence variation mapped on PDB models
  • Host-pathogen interaction and treatment response 


Multiple Sequence Alignment
Multiple Sequence Alignment
How to identify and characterize important variation ingenomic data
Phylogenetic Tree
Evolutionary Relationships
How to conduct phylogenetic analysis and study evolution
Structure of viral protein
Function and Structure
Functional Inference based on structural analysis
Instagram Post – 5
Analysis of Host Response
Transcriptomic analysis of host gene expression and variation

Free Webinar on Bioinformatics Tools and Resources 


In this FREE WEBINAR we will speak about bioinformatics for infectious disease research and present use-cases for bioinformatics analysis methods that are used in viral evolutionary studies, anti-viral drug discovery as well as the emergence of drug resistance in bacterial pathogens. We will also showcase some of the latest developments on the T-BioInfo platform designed for virology studies and introduce the upcoming Omics Logic training programs for those interested in effective utilization of bioinformatics for infectious diseases, immunology and microbiology.

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