7 Reasons Why You Should Attend Omics Research Symposium 2022

Let’s face it. Whether you are a student or a working professional, when we think of attending a research symposium, we imagine days of endless presentations and discussions. So why bother attending it when you can avoid the pressure altogether, right? But then you see your peers actively participating in research symposiums and you wonder why there is a huge hype around it? Here are 7 things that most people don’t know about the perks of attending a research symposium and why you should consider attending one. 


  • Reinforces your knowledge on the topic. Research symposiums offer you the opportunity to share your knowledge with a wide range of audiences. Speaking about a topic that you have researched will not only help you catch the incorrect assumptions you have made but also help you reinforce the knowledge on your topic. And the best way to learn is to teach others. As Richard Feynman once said, “If you want to master something, teach it."‘ 
  • Provides us with a great networking opportunity. What most people don’t realize is that research symposiums provide a wonderful platform to network with like-minded people including researchers, academicians, and industry professionals who come looking for potential candidates they could collaborate with in the future. First impressions are the best impressions, right? So why not put your best foot forward and avail the opportunity?
  • Gives a competitive edge for college and job applications. There is a general misconception surrounding research symposiums that they are mainly targeted at students who are interested in pursuing a career in research. A recent study reveals that more than 80% of employers hire candidates who have had prior research experience. Participating in research symposiums actively displays your interest in the field and shows your commitment to contributing to the field.   
  • Improve your communication and presentation skills. Whether you are a student or a professional, soft skills like communication and presentation skills play a huge role in the advancement of your career. Unfortunately, most often we do not get an opportunity to develop those skills. Research symposiums provide you with an opportunity to enhance your communication and presentation skills in front of a diverse, enriched panel of experts.    
  • A platform for exchanging ideas. Research symposiums are a rapid and efficient way to exchange ideas and provide you with an opportunity to receive feedback about your project. This is especially helpful when you are trying to get your research published as the feedback from the panel of experts can help you anticipate the feedback from the reviewing community.
  • Get your doubts cleared. Presentations are always followed by a Q&A session providing you with an opportunity to ask doubts related to your topic of interest. The best part is that these are the answers given by renowned experts in their field and hence are more reliable and up to date. 
  • Opportunity to meet the research experts you admire. We all have researchers whose work we admire and they could even be your source of inspiration. Research symposiums bring together renowned experts from around the world and offer you an opportunity to meet them, talk to them and even help you establish a mentor-mentee relationship with them.

Omics Research Symposium 2022Omics Research Symposium 2022

However, one of the challenges for students around the world is exposure and networking with peers and experts in the field. That is why we are excited to announce the upcoming  Omics Research Symposium 2022 on March 31 & April 01, 2022, bringing together students, researchers, faculty, and industry to discuss recent advances in Omics data and Computational Biology (Bioinformatics). Discussions will highlight challenges, opportunities, and applications - such as clinical, pharma & biotech, research, and agriculture. 

The symposium will be accompanied by a poster presentation session and competition, awarding prizes and giving a stage to students, faculty, and research teams to present their research work and get expert feedback.

Poster Presentation Topics

Do you have a research project that you have worked on independently or in a team? The Omics Research Symposium is a place to show your research project and get feedback, direction, and guidance on the following topics:

Categories for Omics Research Symposium 2022Abstract Submission Guidelines

Deadline - March 10, 2022

The following guidelines must be followed while submitting your abstracts:

  • Abstract length - 150 to 200 words
  • It should consist of the following segments - Objective, Methods, Results, Conclusion.
  • Font should be Montserrat, size - 12px.
  • The file must be a .pdf

Who Can Participate?

The submission is open to all registered high school students, undergraduates, graduates, and post-graduates as well as citizen scientists.

Prizes and Recognition

Prizes for Omics Research Symposium 2022

By joining, students will broaden their horizons and get an opportunity to explore collaborative projects, internships, and careers. Not only this, but they will also get to explore online platforms for learning and getting hands-on practice in "Computational Biology and Data Science" for analyzing big multi-omics data and become a part of our community of 15k+ students & researchers, learn from their expertise, share thoughts and opportunities, get research guidance and accelerate their career.

👉For any questions that you might have, you have an option to schedule a one on one 15 mins exploratory call with our team here: https://meetings.hubspot.com/marketing596/15-minute-exploratory-call

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