Aayushi Notra

Aayushi Notra

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21 November

Microbiome & Technology: Recap of Week 1 Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon

The Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon is an event that aims at bringing together companies, universities, and students to develop innovative…
06 December

How to do a bioinformatics project? Sci-Omics club has the answer

“Sci-Omics provides direction to eager minds and skillful hands to its members where it allows your vision to turn to reality.” SCI-OMICS is an initiative…
30 August

My Experience with OmicsLogic Courses

    I joined Pine Biotech as a Campus Ambassador in August 2021. Belonging to the bioinformatics domain, I found it to be an appropriate opportunity…


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