Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony: Government City College, Hyderabad & Pine Biotech, USA

As the field of biology continues to be increasingly digitized and has emerged as a quantitative scientific discipline, big data biology is not a distant fantasy anymore. But as the life science students embark on their professional journey with their freshly completed degrees, how long will the existing college curriculums that are designed with particular emphasis on the theoretical aspects of biology be useful in training the next generation of data-driven biologists? 


Government City College Hyderabad


Considering the needs of the techno-friendly society of tomorrow and the conducive ambiance of Hyderabad as a 'cyber-city', the Government City College, Hyderabad, India signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pine Biotech – A Big Data Analytics Company that offers training, services and solutions in bioinformatics on the 7th of September 2022.  

About Government City College, Hyderabad, India

The Government City College was initially established as the first city school in Dar-ul-uloom. As a result of a growing number of people of Hyderabad realizing the importance of education, the school was later upgraded to a college and was named – “City College”. Later on, the college was taken over by the government from Osmania University in 1965 and was renamed – “Government City Science College”. Presently, the college offers a diverse range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that place a huge emphasis on enabling the participation of students in up-to-date, quality-driven scientific research. 

Academic-Industry Partnership between Government City College and Pine Biotech

To fulfill its mission, Pine Biotech will be working closely with the Government City College to develop a training pipeline for undergraduate and postgraduate students of biotechnology to help them apply their bioinformatics skills in research and industry projects. This process starts with a program designed to introduce students from all backgrounds to the intersection of biology and data science, which we call – “Omics Logic”.


Government City College Hyderabad


The collaboration has been made possible as a result of successful efforts by Dr. P. Bala Bhaskar, Principal at Government City College (A), Hyderabad; Mrs. P. Pushpalatha, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology, Dr. Kishore Golla, Associate Professor, Dept. of Biotechnology and Ms. Farheen Ayesha Brijees, Ph.D. Student. 

During the MoU signing ceremony, a brief introduction about the company, collaborators, team members, products, and services that are offered was discussed. This was followed by a discussion on the sequence of the partnership program. First, students get the opportunity to attend free sessions, followed by basic training and advanced training. 

Once, the students are able to gain a thorough understanding of the concepts, they get the opportunity to further specialize in a particular field such as oncology, infectious diseases, astrobiology, agriculture, precision medicine, and data science. At this stage, the students enroll in the Research Fellowship Program, where they undergo rigorous mentor-guided research training on conducting a literature review, identifying data sets, performing exploratory analysis, statistical analysis, biological interpretation, and finally, writing a research project. 

To help students showcase their work, get expert feedback, and network with peers and experts in the field, Pine biotech will also offer the students to present their work in hackathons and symposiums

Students were also given a brief demonstration of how to navigate through the T-BioInfo Server – a platform that combines statistical analysis modules into bioinformatics pipelines. A short demonstration of how to run a bioinformatics pipeline was also described. 

To learn more about our collaboration with Government City College, Hyderabad, visit – 

Partnership Program: Training Outcomes

  • Student training on research proposal development and research projects leveraging bioinformatics
  • Working with faculty to develop projects and case studies around their research interests
  • Engaging a network of academic and industry partners to offer internships opportunities to top-performing students
  • Working with industry-oriented bioinformatics projects in collaboration with faculty and students  
  • Providing a Multilateral Research Platform.
  • Joint Venture between Pine Biotech and various Industries

Orientation Session

On 14th September 2022, an orientation session was conducted for the students to introduce them once more to the training objectives, expected learning outcomes, and associated resources they get access to as a part of the training program. 


Government City College Hyderabad


During the session, Ms. Sonalika Ray, Project Manager, Pine Biotech gave a detailed demonstration of how to sign up and create a completed profile on the Omics Logic Learn Portal. The OmicsLogic Portal offers a diverse range of comprehensive and up-to-date online courses on topics ranging from genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, and epigenomics to single-cell transcriptomics. 


The portal also offers example projects on oncology, virology, neuroscience, agriculture, and infectious diseases that are sourced from high-impact research publications.


Government City College Hyderabad


The orientation session was highly interactive with students sharing their Learn UIDs, updating their profiles, and sharing their research interests. To get a glimpse into the orientation session, visit – 


Finally, the students were given a brief overview of the topics to be covered during the upcoming training sessions which includes completing introductory coursework on genomics, transcriptomics, metagenomics, and translational sciences, quizzes, assignments, videos, and written content. Thereby, students will gain conceptual skills and practical hands-on in the training program.


The first session of the training is scheduled to be conducted on 21st September 2022. 


Partnership University Program


If you are faculty or from the administration interested in the OmicsLogic University Partnership Program for your students, please email us at or


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