Microbiome & Technology: Recap of Week 1 Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon

The Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon is an event that aims at bringing together companies, universities, and students to develop innovative solutions at the intersection of Genomics, Business, and Computer Science. This initiative helps participants with employability, entrepreneurship, innovation, and problem-solving skills. 

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The hackathon was preceded by the training offered by experienced mentors in our community. The training was structured into three weeks, each focusing on a specific area. The training sessions commenced on November 1 and will end on November 21, 2022.

A glimpse of the 1st week of training for the Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon:



The training for week 1 revolved around the Microbiome & Technology domain covering various areas such as 

  • The Microbiome Sequencing 
  • Analytics and Bioinformatics 
  • Recommendation Systems 

Understanding the importance of the microbiome in the modulation of host health has become a subject of great interest for researchers across disciplines. As an intrinsically multidisciplinary field, microbiome research has been able to reap the benefits of technological advancements in systems and synthetic biology, biomaterials engineering, and traditional microbiology over the last decades. These emerging technologies have revolutionized the study of the microbiome and have potentially impacted the applications of microbiomes for human health.  

Various Sessions for Week 1 of the Microbiome in Health and Wellness Hackathon 

On the first day, a Bootcamp Session: Introduction Hackathon was organized to gear the participants for the upcoming sessions and training weeks. Dr. Mohit Mazumder, Global Business Development, Pine Biotech gave the participants a brief overview and the importance of each of the topics designed for the training sessions. He also explained how they could leverage the talks given by industrial and academic professionals with established careers in this flourishing field of Microbiome.


Microbiome Hackathon


The first mentor session was given by Mr. Rajaverman Kittu, Senior Bioinformatics Specialist at Premas Life Sciences where he talked on the topic “Considerations around Non-Clinical and Clinical Microbial Sequencing”. During his talk, he covered a 360° view of the microbial dataset and things to be considered when someone is planning to buy a sequencing machine, the next steps, and technical and non-technical precautions to follow. He also covered the various sequencers present across the globe available in the market for microbial sequencing and their applications. 


The next session was a training session by Dr. Raghavendran Laxhminaraynan, OmicsLogic Expert Mentor and Consultant, where he covered various topics such as “Bacterial Function: from the lab to computational analysis”, “Expanding Directions and Research”, “Use of small subunit (16s) rRNA for taxonomic classification and Mapping on databases (Silva, GreenGenes, NCBI)”. In addition, he also walked the participants through the associated resources on the OmicsLogic Portal specific to Metagenomics and the T-BioInfo Platform for hand on analysis of the metagenomics data.


Microbiome Hackathon


Week 1 expert talk was concluded by Dr. Shibichakravarthy Kannan, Founder & CEO at Oncophenomics where he covered the topic: “Characterization of the Gut Microbiota in Individuals with Overweight or Obesity During a Real-World Weight Loss Dietary Program: a Focus on the Bacteroides 2 Enterotype”. During the session, he discussed various enterotypes and explained how the gut microbiome has characteristic signatures based on the environment and geographical locations. He also gave a quick background on the wet lab techniques for sample extractions and preparations and shared about Oxford Nanopore Technology. He taught the participants how they can use the available data from public repositories and how it can be used for various kinds of predictions. 


Toward the end of each expert session, the participants had the chance to put forward their queries and get them answered by the expert and have a direct one-on-one interaction. The speakers shared their experiences, insights, and certain resources that helped the participants clarify their doubts. 


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