Omics Research Symposium 2022: What to expect and How to get involved?

The Omics Research Symposium is a biannual convention of the international bioinformatics and data science community that is growing through the outreach programs Pine Biotech is facilitating together with our partner universities and support ecosystem. One of our main goals is to provide high-quality training to students and faculty in bioinformatics.


The symposium will happen on March 31 & April 01 and include several keynote lectures, panel discussions. Topics will be divided into several categories, including Education, Research, and Industry, and will all focus on the applications of bioinformatics — such as clinical, pharma & biotech, research, and agriculture — and data science in life sciences. 

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Our speakers include faculty and experts from several notable organizations, such as NAIPI, Georgetown University Medical School, Google, NASA Ames Research Center, Earth-Life Science Institute - Japan, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science, Amity University, FABA Academy, H3ABioNet, Premas LifeSciences, and more!

Symposium Partners

Here are some of our featured speakers - 

  • Mr. Mark Allen

Organization: Google Cloud - NIH STRIDES Program

Topic: How bioinformaticians can benefit from Google cloud resources.

  • Alice Kamens

Organization: Google Cloud Education

Topic: Google partner programs and resources for education.

  • Dr. Julia Panov

Organization: Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center, University of Haifa, Israel

Topic: Single-cell transcriptomics and pipelines for analyzing whole-genome sequencing of cancer.

  • Dr. Sona Vasudevan

Organization: Georgetown University Medical School

Topic: Systems Medicine Education at Georgetown University.

  • Dr. Gus Kousoulas

Organization: National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators (NAIPI)

Topic: Bioinformatics education and training across the IDeA States.

  • Dr. Luis Vasquez Quinones

Organization: IDeA Networks of Biomedical Research Excellence, Puerto Rico (PR INBRE)

Topic: PR-INBRE Bioinformatics Training through the Community of Practice Model.

  • Dr. Uday Saxena

Organization: Federation of Asian Biotechnology Association (FABA)

Topic: Omics technologies in target selection and drug discovery process.

  • Dr. Tony Z. Jia

Organization: Earth-Life Science Institute, Japan

Topic: Origin and evolution of biopolymer (and non-biopolymer)-based compartments.

  • Dr. Graham Lau

Organization: Blue Marble Space Institute of Science

Topic: Careers in astrobiology.

  • Dr. Fathi Karouia

Organization: NASA Ames Research Center

Topic: Omics and astrobiology.

  • Dr. Judy S. Crabtree

Organization: Precision Medicine Lab - LSU Health

Topic: How omics and bioinformatics are used in the Precision Medicine Lab.

  • Dr. Verena Ras

Organization: H3ABioNet

Topic: Bioinformatics education in Africa and the DSI-Africa initiative.

  • Dr. Gabriel Golczer

Organization: CAMP4 Therapeutics

Topic: The role of NR4A1 in regulating the expression of immediate early genes, suppressing replication stress in cancer.

  • Anca Maria Ciobanu

Organization: Pistoia Alliance

Topic: Lab of the Future and Women in STEM.

and many more...

Check out the entire schedule here!

Poster Presentation-1

The convention will be a great opportunity for students to showcase their skills and projects through a Poster Presentation competition, which presents awarding prizes and gives a stage to students, faculty, and research teams to present their research work and get expert feedback.


To submit your Abstract for the competition follow the steps below: 

  • Go to
You have to submit an Abstract containing 150-250 words in one of the following categoriestopics
  • Submitted abstract shall be judged and the selected candidates will get an email with further details;
  • Follow the directions in the email for submitting the full poster on or before March 25, 2022.

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