OmicsLogic High School Research Fellow Wins Prizes At The Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair 2022!

We are delighted to announce that Andrés Muedano Sosa, former OmicsLogic Summer Research Fellow at Pine Biotech, has won the Potamkin Prize and the 4th Award in the Biomedical and Health Sciences category at Regeneron-ISEF 2022!

Who is Andrés? What is the Potamkin Prize? What is the Regeneron-ISEF 2022? Continue reading the blog to learn more.

High School Summer Programs provide students great opportunities to pursue new interests, improve existing skills, and brainstorm with like-minded students. Although bioinformatics and data science continues to redefine the way research is carried out, it has barely been incorporated into the high school education system. To address this disparity, Pine Biotech has launched the OmicsLogic High School Summer Training Programs specifically designed to meet the needs and interests of high school students. 

The programs will provide high school students with a special opportunity to learn from Dr. Sona Vasudevan, Professor at the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular and Cellular Biology at Georgetown University Medical Center, and other international teams of bioinformaticians working on cutting-edge big data challenges in biomedical research. The high school programs are offered in the following fields of specialization:

  1. Genomics In The Virtual Lab – The program is designed to introduce high school students to analyze high throughput genomics data and apply complex and computationally intensive data processing steps to large-scale public-domain data. To know more, visit – 
  2. Biomedical Data Science using R & Python – The program is designed to introduce high school students to various aspects of data science, such as data wrangling, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning. The methods will be reviewed in the context of biomedical and other scientific problems. To know more, visit – 
  3. Independent Research Project The program is designed to help high school students develop data-driven research proposals through a combination of online resources and mentor guidance to help them complete a bioinformatics research project. To know more, visit – 

From joining the OmicsLogic Summer Research Fellowship Program as an absolute beginner in bioinformatics and data science to winning awards at international science competitions,  Andrés Muedano Sosa, a High School Student at Colegio Suizo de México offers a great example of how a high school student can make a difference in the scientific community with the right amount of quality training.

Under the guidance of Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Postdoctoral Computational Scientist at National Cancer Institute, Maryland, United States, and Mr. Elia Brodsky, Co-Founder and CEO at Pine Biotech, New Orleans, United States, Andrés completed his research project on “Insilco Transcriptomics Analysis of Microglial cells - Towards a Global Understanding of Immune Activation in Alzheimer’s Disease”.   

Summer High-School Bioinformatics 2022.005

Further, he went on to present his research project at the Regeneron International Science and Engineering Fair (Regeneron ISEF) 2022 which is the world’s largest global science competition for high school students. Each spring, the high school students who are selected as finalists in the competition are offered the opportunity to compete for the approximately U.S. $8 million in awards and scholarships. At Regeneron ISEF-2022, which was held from May 8-13 in Atlanta, GA, Andrés won fourth place in the Biomedical and Health Sciences Category. 

For his innovative and groundbreaking work to push forward the study in brain degenerative diseases, Andrés also won the Potamkin Prize for Students. The aim is to support the education of young researchers with curious minds and a desire to make important discoveries that will benefit humanity for years to come. To pave the way toward a series of revolutionary advances in the field of brain science, the Potamkin Prize has bestowed more than $3 million to over 70 researchers. 

To learn more about Regeneron ISEF, visit - 

Here is what Andrés had to say about completing Course 5: Transcriptomics as a part of his research project:

Once again, congratulations on your well-deserved success and best wishes for your next adventure Andrés!

To watch Andrés present his research project on  “Insilco Transcriptomics Analysis of Microglial cells - Towards a Global Understanding of Immune Activation in Alzheimer’s Disease”, visit - 

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To know more about the OmicsLogic High School Training Programs, visit –   


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