OmicsLogic October Wrap-Up: Growing Number of Partner Universities, Trending OmicsLogic Courses, Projects & Other Updates!

Missed our latest updates? Worry not, we've got you covered! Here is a monthly wrap-up of all the trending courses and exciting events that happened in the OmicsLogic Community during the month of October! 


Microbiome in Health & Wellness Hackathon:

Facilitating employability, entrepreneurship, innovation, & problem-solving skills.


The hackathon brings together companies, universities, and students to propose innovative ideas at the intersection of Genomics, Business, and Computer Science. From Ms. Liliana Nordbakk to Dr. Shibi Kannan, we are joined by a diverse range of experts to train the students.  Learn more HERE!

Microbiome Hackathon

1. What opportunities are present for hackathon participants? What are popular research publications that will provide ideas for students? Read More HERE!

2. What are the associated resources that you will get access to? What are some of the potential student project outcomes? Read More HERE!


From Ethiopia, Bangladesh To India: OmicsLogic Partner Universities are GROWING!

The Omics Logic Partnership University Program provides personalized training and research experience to help participants develop critical scientific thinking, using modern bioinformatics, and data science practices on industry-relevant problems. The program has been successfully completed by 1000+ students from over 25+ universities around the globe. Learn more, HERE!

Partner University


  1. Find out how Government City College, Hyderabad, India is building a techno-friendly society of tomorrow – Click HERE!

2. Learn how Debre Tabor University, Ethiopia is promoting international excellence in bioinformatics and data science research and education – Click HERE!

3. Discover how Jashore University of Science and Technology, Bangladesh is fostering data science training and research in microbiology students – Click HERE!

4. Explore how NIPER, Hyderabad, India is training next-generation of data-driven pharmacologists and medical scientists – Click HERE!

Note: If you are a faculty or from the administration interested in the program for your students, please email us at or  


OmicsLogic Research Fellowship Program: Recent Student Publications


OmicsLogic Research Fellowship Program is designed to help young researchers and students take advantage of the bioinformatics resources for the analysis of complex life science data. View Other Publications HERE.

Research Publication


Research Publication – In Silico Analysis of Transcriptomic Profiling and Affected Biological Pathways in Multiple Sclerosis  


Research Publication


Research Publication – Analysis of Gene Expression Profiles to Study Malaria Vaccine Dose Efficacy and Immune Response Modulation


T-BioInfo Server Updates: A Multi-Omics Research Platform

T-BioInfo is a platform that combines statistical analysis modules into pipelines to deal with heterogeneous big data. For interactive graphical visualization of your data, we have recently deployed – Dashboards! Learn More: Pine Biotech – Services


T-Bioinfo Server


  1. TRANSCRIPTOMICS: SINGLE CELL RNA SEQ ANALYSIS - Quantification Estimation, Differential Gene Expression, Single Cell Analysis (Seurat, Monocle) – Click HERE.

2. TRANSCRIPTOMICS: BULK RNA SEQ ANALYSIS - Differential Gene Expression, Quantification Estimation, Plots (Heat Map, Volcano Plot, etc.) – Click HERE.


T-Bioinfo Server


  1. METAGENOMICS AND METATRANSCRIPTOMICS ANALYSIS - QIIME/DADA2 analysis of amplicon sequencing, whole metagenomics, long-read, and functional analysis – Click HERE.

2. CUSTOM DATA ANALYSIS - Specialized analysis of customs data or novel approaches to data processing, analysis, and visualization – Click HERE.


T-Bioinfo Server


  1. NGS WES/WGS & GENOMIC DATA ANALYSIS - Alignment, Variant Calling, Multiple Sequence Alignment, Phylodynamics, Annotation, and Segmentation – Click HERE.

2. DATA MINING & MACHINE LEARNING - Classification, Regression, Clustering, and Network Analysis – Click HERE.


Experts Recommended: OmicsLogic Courses & Example Projects


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Discover More With OmicsLogic Courses!




  1. Transcriptomics 1: From basic visualization to statistical analysis of differentially expressed genes, learn how transcriptomics is used – Click HERE.
  2. Transcriptomics 2: Learn to analyze and visualize any transcriptomic data using R libraries and packages – Click HERE.
  3. Transcriptomics 3: Learn to analyze and visualize any transcriptomic data using Python libraries and packages – Click HERE.


What’s Trending In OmicsLogic Example Projects?



  1. Decipher the role of microbial population in obesity and underlying diseases through the Role of High Fat Diet on Obesity!
  2. Learn the therapeutic utility of altering microbial composition by diet through the Effect of Dietary Fiber Intake on Microbiome!
  3. Learn how non-antibiotic drugs lead to neurological and developmental dysfunction through the Effect of Non-Antibiotics & Rett Syndrome!
  4. Learn how single-cell profiling is used to dissect the heterogeneity of cell populations through Single Cell RNA-Seq for Lung Cancer!.
  5. Discover how specific mutations are responsible for drug resistance in infections through Tuberculosis Infection and Treatment!
  6. Learn how single-cell sequencing can be used to study treatment response through Tumor Heterogeneity of Breast Cancer!


FEATURING: OmicsLogic Leaderboard Achievements


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Student Participation By Omics Logic Learn Achievements 


JOB LISTING: Academic, Internships & Experience Building Opportunities


To help you be a part of an evolving industry, we provide you with the latest job openings from reputed companies such as Google, Amazon, Novartis, IndianBiosciences, Pine Biotech, and MANY MORE! Click HERE. 

Job Opportunities


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