Pine Biotech and FABA

Pine Biotech, a US-based company that provides resources, solutions, and training for research and education in biomedical informatics today announced it signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (FABA) a non-Governmental, non-profit society that was created as a common platform to promote biotechnology in Asian countries by pooling resources and expertise of each nation in Asia and, thus, keeping pace with the advances in the field of biotechnology by the developed world.

The Pine Biotech and FABA have discussed and agreed to collaborate in offering, conducting, and promoting the training programs and offer to support and assist in the recruitment and placement of students in the field of life sciences. This collaboration will further expand the mentorship and expertise pool offered through the Pine Biotech Omics Logic training programs in Asia, promoting the members of FABA and delivering industry-ready curriculum. Pine Biotech and FABA will collaborate in offering training to industry, students and faculty to develop in-demand practical skills, offer joint certification and placement in the biotechnology industry.

Pine Biotech - FABA

Both parties see this collaboration as a means to accelerate and enhance industry-oriented training designed for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry demands across Asia. This is aligned with our mission to bring academia and industry closer together by developing relevant training opportunities and establishing collaborative partnerships.

Prof. P. Reddanna, Executive President of the Federation of Asian Biotech Associations said:

“FABA Academy, launched during BioAsia 2020, has been offering various programs in career guidance and skill development activities to the students in various Asian countries. This collaboration with Pine Biotech helps in offering Omics Logic training programs and also reach out to the student community around the world. Such collaboration aligns with FABA objectives to promote collaborations between academia and industries engaged in Biotechnology. We are delighted to join hands with Pine Biotech and enhance FABA Academy’s activities in the field of data science

Mohit Mazumder, Director of Business Development of Pine Biotech in India said:

“Our programs already serve thousands of students across Asia, eager to develop skills necessary to work in industry. This collaboration will open the doors for them to learn from accomplished experts in the field and understand how biotechnology industry projects rely on big data. We are excited to work closely with the leadership of FABA to enhance industry focused curricula on the Omics Logic portal and bring it to the top universities in this region.” 

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