04 July

In-Silico Analysis Of Differentially Expressed Genes And Their Pathway Analysis In Prostate Cancer

About Prostate Cancer 
20 May

Identification Of Novel Therapeutic Targets In Psoriasis Skin - An Isoform Approach

Psoriasis is a chronic autoimmune condition that causes the skin cells to multiply up to ten times faster than normal. This results in bumpy red patches…
07 May

Identification Of Pathway Leading To Ototoxicity By The Use Of Cisplatin

Ototoxicity refers to the condition of ear poisoning that results from exposure to drugs and chemicals that damage the internal ear or hear-able nerve…
26 April

Effects Of Microgravity On HiPSCs-CMs (Cardiac And Muscle Activity)

Have you ever wondered why astronauts float in their spacecraft or outside, during a spacewalk? The reason behind this is due to microgravity.…
23 April

Comparative Transcriptomic Analysis To Understand The Role Of Melanin In Melanoma

Melanin is a pigment found in most living organisms and is produced by a process called melanogenesis. This pigment is produced in specialized groups of…
06 December

How to do a bioinformatics project? Sci-Omics club has the answer

“Sci-Omics provides direction to eager minds and skillful hands to its members where it allows your vision to turn to reality.” SCI-OMICS is an initiative…
09 November

Pine Biotech and FABA

Pine Biotech, a US-based company that provides resources, solutions, and training for research and education in biomedical informatics today announced it…
21 September

Andrew Lee's Omiclogic Journey - High School Student's Expedition in Bioinformatics

My involvement with OmicsLogic started in 2020. I took three courses - OMICS Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics for Precision Medicine Course, and the Science…
30 August

My OmicsLogic Journey

10 August

Bioinformatics Revolutionizing Research

Big data is everywhere and its influence and utilization are ubiquitous across various domains of biological life sciences. Bioinformatics is the field of…