12 April

A Brief Recap of Omics Research Symposium 2022

Poster Presentation Competition: Omics Research Symposium 2022
28 March

Astrobiology - opportunities in this exciting new field of science

Dilemmas, conundrums, and puzzles in the surroundings are the main driving force for the propagation and progression of science and since the beginning of…
16 March

Single-cell, Metataxonomics, and more - What's new in Bioinformatics?

Big data analysis often requires trying different methods to find the correct fit for the data. It also involves numerous lines of code and complicated…
16 March

Omics Research Symposium 2022: What to expect and How to get involved?

The Omics Research Symposium is a biannual convention of the international bioinformatics and data science community that is growing through the outreach…
21 September

Andrew Lee's Omiclogic Journey - High School Student's Expedition in Bioinformatics

My involvement with OmicsLogic started in 2020. I took three courses - OMICS Bioinformatics, Bioinformatics for Precision Medicine Course, and the Science…
18 August

Faculty Development Workshop: Designing a bioinformatics program and address the gaps in curriculum

Bioinformatics is one of those astounding emerging fields that has brought about a great paradigm shift helping scientific teams and research groups to…
10 August

Bioinformatics Revolutionizing Research

Big data is everywhere and its influence and utilization are ubiquitous across various domains of biological life sciences. Bioinformatics is the field of…
10 August

Computational Biology for Non-Bioinformaticians

Technological advances evolving at a rapid pace have brought about massive changes in various working domains. Biological sciences stay no behind in these…
05 August

Omics Reseach Symposium - August 2021