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Do You Want to Make a Difference, Leveraging a Network of Students at your Campus?



Omics Logic programs are enabling thousands of students from around the world to learn bioinformatics and participate in computational biology projects with a network of faculty and industry professionals. Our team established such programs across several university campuses where faculty and students will undergo training to effectively use big data analysis tools for reproducible research. If you are passionate about computational biology, bioinformatics and research, join us to become a campus ambassador in your city, state, or country! We already have many students from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, Italy, Poland, Nigeria, Ghana, India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and other countries. Learn more about our locations:

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Who are we looking for?

  • An articulate, responsible and committed individual
  • Someone Interested in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology
  • A strong communicator, both verbal and written
  • A positive, friendly, and outgoing person
  • Current student at a College or University
  • Someone who is active on social media 
  • A highly engaged member of college student life
  • A person with strong organization and time management skills

The Campus Ambassador Role

As a campus ambassador you will be in charge of bringing awareness and engagement for Omics Logic programs. Some of the ways you would achieve said goals are: 

  • Bringing recognition about Omics Logic to your area and traffic through social media outreach and activities
  • Identifying campus-specific activation opportunities such as workshops, program demos, etc 
  • Organizing and coordinating campus events and meetings to promote Omics Logic programs and resources
  • Identifying and developing relationships with key faculty, club organizers, and life science students
  • Creating highly relevant campus groups and identifying students, clubs or organizations that will engage in these groups.
  • Be an advocate for how this product adds value to students’ educational and career goals
  • Sharing events and new programs across social media 
  • Collecting and reporting product/event feedback and relaying it to your manager 

Worried about time? This job is highly flexible to adjust to your schedule.



Getting Started as an Ambassador

Pick either one or all the modules that you would like to explore and learn from to enhance your skill set and get industry ready alongside your academic studies.


Grow by Learning through the Omics Logic Portal

Training & Research

OmicsLogic provides a complete path to master  bioinformatics. As an ambassador, you will have access to all of the training resources on big data analysis, coding in R and Python, as well as computational research. You will also have the chance to become a Research Fellow and get to work on a research project with mentor guidance.

Marketing - Omics Logic Business Development

Marketing and Business

Accelerate your career by developing critical business skills and mindset required to succeed in industry.  Learn about marketing and business development for higher education, clinical and biotechnology industries. Get to work along side seasoned professionals who will mentor you to find your talent and succeed at achieving and exceeding your goals.

2 - Omics Logic - Content Writing

Content Development

The rapidly growing field of bioinformatics remains unclear and obscure to the majority of life science students as they embark on their research journey. As an ambassador you will have the chance to change that - learn more about bioinformatics and data science to articulate important insights about this field with students and junior researchers.

Success Stories and Journey of our Campus Ambassadors


Name- Rutvi Vaja

College/University- Navrachana University, Vadodara Gujarat- India

Project Outcome- Insilico analysis of Affected Biological Pathways in MS

My journey at Pine Biotech is immense and full of growth. I started as a campus ambassador and gave an interview for a Research fellow. I bagged the scholarship and hence worked on my interest in neuroinformatics. Moreover, later came up with the idea of a student’s club named SCIOMICS, for which I served as the president for almost a year and later as the Vice President. I graduated in Biomedical sciences and research and now will start my specialization in neuroscience.


Name- Subhrajit Barua

College/University- Amity University, Kolkata- India | ITMO University- Russia

Project Outcome- Transcriptomic analysis of DNA damage response in zebrafish embryos under simulated microgravity

 A graduate of Amity University in Kolkata, India, Subhrajit has interned (Campus Ambassador) with US-based Pine Biotech (2019-2022), where he worked on bioinformatics as part of liver cancer research and plans to focus his work on multi-omics bioinformatics and applications of AI and ML in biomedical research. Subhrajit Barua completed the Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Masters Program at ITMO University’s International SCAMT Laboratory (Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies). Currently, he is pursuing his Ph.D. from ITMO in the Biotechnology field.




Name- Ojasvi Dutta

College/University- GGDSD College, Panjab University, Chandigarh- India

Project Outcome- Effects of microgravity on HiPSCs(Cardiac and Muscle Activity)

I joined Pine Biotech in May 2021 as a Campus Ambassador and was absorbed as an Intern in June 2021 and I am having a great time working in this company. I started here with little experience but through the great training, I have enhanced my skills in Data Science and Bioinformatics by going through several courses on the OmicsLogic platform (Introduction to Bioinformatics, Python, Transcriptomics, etc.) I have also completed the Research Fellowship program under the mentorship of Mr. Elia Brodsky, Dr. Mohit Mazumder, and Dr. R.L. Narayanan. I am finally placed in this company in Dec 2021 in the position of Web Analytics and Technical Support Coordinator and I am glad to have joined this position.


Name- Vishva Mehta

College/University- VVP Engineering College, Rajkot, Gujarat- India

The main reason for joining the campus ambassador program in December 2020 with Pine Biotech was to learn about different bioinformatics approaches, data science, and computational data analysis tools. By completing self-paced courses on the OmicsLogic platform, I learned about many of these topics and feel like it has been the best learning opportunity for me.

As a growth ambassador, I also got exposed to the marketing world and got a chance to grow my network.

Looking forward to gaining more knowledge and skills on Bioinformatics



Name- Dhruv Mehra

College/University- Amity University, Noida- India| The University of Manchester- United Kingdom

Project Outcome- Transcriptomic Analysis of Histological Subtypes in Esophageal Adenocarcinoma

With a significant background in Genomics and Molecular Diagnostics, I always felt that my Bioinformatics skills were not optimal. To overcome this gap, I joined Pine Biotech as a Research fellow in March 2021 and also a Campus Ambassador. I helped in reaching out to students and participants who are interested in taking programs and courses from OmicsLogic Portal. I have gained insights about NGS data analysis and have acquired constructive skills in analyzing various types of big data like genomics and transcriptomics. I have completed my research project under the guidance of Mr. Elia Brodsky, Dr. Harpreet Kaur, and Dr. Mohit Mazumder. Further to add I am currently doing post-graduation in Precision Medicine from The University of Manchester, which got possible after completing the project here at Pine Biotech.


Name- Hriday Thakur

College/University- Amity University, Noida- India

Project Outcome:-

A few weeks after I joined the Omics Logic Research Fellowship program, I understood all the missing pieces of the puzzle in our pedagogy of learning Bioinformatics. 

The courses that Pine Biotech has on their portal helped me get a clear understanding of the topic at hand, thus making the process of researching less arduous. The constant support from the team and their zeal to help every research fellow to produce quality results in their project really strengthened my conviction that joining this program was the right choice.

Aayushi Notra-1

Name- Aayushi Notra

College/University- Systems Biology and Bioinformatics Department, Punjab University, Chandigarh- India

My journey in Pine biotech has been full of opportunities and growth. I started as a campus ambassador where I learned various skills and gained the experience of working in a team, reaching out to connections, and building professional relationships.

Later got an opportunity to work as the Marketing Associate and Coordination. I am glad to have joined this position and I am having a wonderful learning experience that will help in shaping my career in the best way possible.



Name-Sreegauri Krishnakumar

College/University- Amity University, Noida- India

Thanks to Pine Biotech, my transition from wet lab to bioinformatics has been fun-filled and enjoyable.

The OmicsLogic courses and example projects go hand-in-hand and do an excellent job at explaining the logic behind each of the steps.

In addition, I also had the opportunity to contribute to course development and content writing, and work on bioinformatic research projects as well as it provided me with a platform to showcase my work and network with international experts and peers in the field.

What is Omics Logic?

A Growing Community of Students, Experts and Mentors

Our community leverages publicly available data, online tools for big data analysis and a network of mentors to help students learn bioinformatics, apply their skills to meaningful research projects and work with mentors on turning their projects into publications or research posters. The programs we offer provide training, access to high quality tutorials and tools anyone can learn to use independently. The program is offered at university, high school or community college levels as well as directly to citizen scientists around the world.

The Omics Logic Advantage

Self-Paced Learning

Study at your own pace online completing modules designed for graduate and undergraduate levels

Project-based Curriculum

Don't just learn about bioinformatics, learn while working on research projects with real data

Hands on with Big Data

Go from practice to research in a matter of days by leveraging the cloud-based analytical platform

Expert Mentors

When you start learning, you are not on your own. The programs are supported by an expert team

Want to Try out Omics Logic Before You Commit?

Follow These Steps to Get Started with Omics Logic Bioinformatics Training and Research

STEP 1: Register on and Complete your Profile

Once you sign up, make sure to add a profile picture, update your name (name should be in title case) and connect your social media accounts with a brief bio. 

STEP 2: Complete the Basic Training Coursework:

  • Introduction to Bioinformatics
  • Bytes and Molecules
  • Designing a Bioinformatics Research Project

STEP 3 - Identify your Next Steps

After the basic training, you can explore specialized training in various areas like genomics, transcriptomics or metagenomics and find project examples to see how bioinformatics is used by experts: 

You can also find training and research programs designed to provide support and guidance by experienced mentors on topics like precision oncology, infectious diseases or astrobiology.

Omics Logic Portal

What are the benefits of being an Omics Logic Campus Ambassador?

  • A monthly stipend for completed assignments and tasks
  • Bonuses for achievement and exceeding your goals
  • Special recognition for your role on campus and with fellow students and faculty
  • An official title, letters of recommendation and opportunities to grow personally and professionally
  • Direct involvement with our marketing team for planning and execution of goals at a professional level
  • Understanding of marketing automation and effective outreach strategies

                                                                                  How Can you Succeed Being an Omics Logic Campus Ambassador?

  • Bring a positive "get it done" attitude and a creative approach to problem-solving
  • Be comfortable putting yourself out there and being actively engaged on social media platforms 
  • Learn to become an engaged member of college student life participating in events, club meetings, and societies.
  • Bring your best foot forward with strong organization, reporting, and time management skills
  • Be consistent and commit to the role at least 3 hours daily (the schedule will be flexible enough to accommodate most students).

We will hold a weekly meeting to hear about your progress reports and guide you on getting started. The ambassadors will be eligible for a stipend and bonuses once the assigned tasks are completed every month. You will have access to an automated marketing portal where you will access data on prospective students in your area. 

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