ScienceCoach Bioinformatics: COVID-19 Genomics Workshop for K-12

Online Webinar on Bioinformatics and Viral Genomics
April 8th, 2020, 10:00 a.m CST

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The current outbreak of COVID-19 is compared to coronaviruses that have been detected in animals or past cases with much milder symptoms and a smaller number of reported infections. But how can we use bioinformatics and genomics to study this disease and understand its origins? How can we know whether it is different from other similar strains and even learn about its pathogenesis? What does bioinformatics reveal about changes in the viral protein function inside the human body?

In this free workshop, we will learn about the novel coronavirus genomics and understand how genomic data analysis tools can help identify specific viral strains, understand multiple sequence alignment, phylogenetic analysis and the significance of mutations in the context of viral protein structure and function. 

COVID-19 is an epidemic caused by a single strand RNA virus that is hypothesized to have come from bats or other animals (i.e. pangolins). The variable data collected from both animals, humans in various locations and at different times includes genomic data, clinical data, and many other types of information. 

Learn about Genomics, Virology and COVID-19

Science Coach

Since 2007, Science Coach has been engaging 6th-12th grade public/private/home schooled students in the process of scientific inquiry so they can tackle the problems of today and tomorrow. The Science Coach program teaches students to choose questions of personal interest, create procedures to test hypotheses, arrive at answers with validity, and build confidence in solving real world problems. Schools pay their teachers to coach sports teams. Science Coach pays teams of teachers to coach students to create accomplished science fair projects.

Every single discovery and invention started with a question. Inquiry is the path to change; questions inspire investigations which lead to hypotheses which guide experiments. And experiments result in contributions to the greater body of knowledge, cures, technologies, and solutions to existing challenges and those we have yet to face! In this age of BIG DATA, we can teach students to ask the right questions and use analytical methods to find answers to the biggest challenges related to our future. We believe this epidemic is also an opportunity for school students to contribute to the exploration, discovery and out-of-the-box ideas that can help us cure and prevent such diseases.

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Pine Biotech is a big data analytics company that specializes in software for analysis, organization and visualization of biological data. By working with Science Coach, Pine Biotech is making these tools available to students that are pursuing research projects and helping them make the most of their time to achieve exceptional achievements while pursuing genuine interests in life sciences.

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