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OCT 9, 2020 10 a.m CST

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The rapid growth of high-throughput data, including -omics technologies, gave rise to a significant demand for data science skills and experience with bioinformatics methods of analysis. This program is designed for Life Sciences students & Beginners interested in data-driven research questions. The program will include aspects of data science, such as data wrangling, visualization, statistical analysis and machine learning. The methods will be reviewed in the context of biomedical and other scientific problems students will study during this 1- month intensive Training program


High-throughput Biomedical Data
Omics in Diagnostics, Drugs and Precision Medicine
Exploratory Data Analysis
Descriptive Statistics, Lognormal Distribution and Normalization
Data Mining And Clustering
PCA, Clustering and Finding Trends in Objects and Features
Feature Selection and Classification
Predictive Analysis, ML and Feature Significance

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Can this program be attended online?
Yes, this program is completely online. Online access details will be shared to all the participants once the registration is complete.
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This Free Webinar does not come with a Certificate. 
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Yes, the recordings will be provided to all the participants.

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