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Join our Winter Research BioMMED Programs sponsored by the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN) for Louisiana Faculty/Students (Undergraduate or Graduate)/Researchers.

LSU/LBRN BIOMMED Virtual Summer Training Programs are designed to address the pressing needs of students, faculty, and researchers to deal with growing amounts of high throughput data generated in life sciences. With a focus on accessibility, hands-on practice, and project-driven design, these training modules will help you get started and grow in biomedical informatics, bioinformatics & related -omics fields.

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OmicsLogic conducts online mentor-guided training programs that are designed for a more in-depth review and preparation for independent research. Each one of the OmicsLogic programs is designed with a mix of online workshops, self-directed tutorials, and hands-on exercises. 



Introduction to methods for Genomics, Metagenomics, and Transcriptomics Data Analysis. Perform statistical tests, visualize and interact with data to extract biological insights. Practical Analysis, Visualization, and Biological Interpretation using a case study approach & practical hands-on T-BioInfo server.

Biomedical Data Science in R


Learn about data science in R, such as data wrangling, visualization, statistical analysis, and machine learning. The training will focus on importing & understanding various data types, transforming them into categorical variables, and continuous data, and extracting meaningful patterns for visualization.

Biomedical Data Science in Python


Learn about data science in Python, such as data wrangling, visualization, statistical analysis, & machine learning. The training will focus on statistical techniques, dimensionality reduction, machine learning, data visualization techniques, deep learning, network analysis, and interactive visualization with Plotly.

Cheminformatics for Biomedical Drug Discovery


Learn from Industry experts and leaders about the advancements in cheminformatics and modern drug discovery pipeline (Alpha fold, Docking, Simulations, Projects) in this mentor-guided cheminformatics for biomedical drug discovery program.

OmicsLogic Research Fellowship


The Research Fellowship program has been designed to help young researchers and students take advantage of the bioinformatics resources for the analysis of complex life science data and become versed in bioinformatics. The fellowship program will offer a combination of online resources and mentor guidance to prepare you and help you complete a bioinformatics project

Machine Learning for Health Informatics


To Learn and get trained by Industry experts and Case study-based approach to utilize medical informatics data (HER, Tests, Medical Scans) by applying Data Science and Machine learning to positively impact the patient-physician.


Join the BioMMED Training program and get a Certificate of Completion & OMICSLOGIC BIOINFORMATICS TRAINING in collaboration with LSU-LBRN

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As many options are available to offer asynchronous, synchronous and blended versions of the training modules, we recommend faculty and students to get in touch with our program coordinator to get more information.

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We are excited to welcome you to participate in an exciting hackathon - an event that brings together companies, universities, and students to propose innovative ideas at the intersection of Genomics, Business, and Computer Science. 

To learn more about the Hackathon, please visit:

Microbiome and Health - Hackathon.001
High School Summer Training Program

What is Omics Logic?

A Growing Community of Students, Experts and Mentors

Our community leverages publicly available data, online tools for big data analysis and a network of mentors to help students learn bioinformatics, apply their skills to meaningful research projects and work with mentors on turning their projects into publications or research posters. The programs we offer provide training, access to high quality tutorials and tools anyone can learn to use independently. The program is offered at university, high school or community college levels as well as directly to citizen scientists around the world.

There are opportunities to leverage what you know, discover a lot more and make a difference.

While learning biotechnology, biochemistry and immunology (among other things) might be your passion, in every one of these domains analysis of experiments and clinical data is of a growing importance. While many prefer to rely on external experts to analyze their data, the understanding of basic principles behind such analysis is critical to be able to extract meaningful and reliable information that is critical for discovery. Research in life sciences is seeing an exponential growth in data volume, complexity and variability, placing bioinformatics, or data science for biological data, central to the learning path of anyone in this field.

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The Omics Logic Advantage

Asynchronous & Self-paced

Study at your own pace online completing modules designed for graduate and undergraduate levels


Don't just learn about bioinformatics, learn while working on research projects with real data

Big Data in your Browser

Go from practice to research in a matter of days by leveraging the cloud-based analytical platform

Supported by Experts

When you start learning, you are not on your own. The programs are supported by an expert team