Microbiome in Health and Wellness

Hello, ! Are you a student, entrepreneur or research scientist? We are excited to welcome you to participate in an exciting hackathon - an event that brings together companies, universities and students to propose innovative ideas at the intersection of Genomics, Business, and Computer Science.


Obesity and Precision Nutrition


Skin and Beauty Products


Pregnancy and FemTech

The hackathon will take place between November 01 and November 28, 2022. Each student team will have the opportunity to develop a minimal viable product (MVP) for one of the hackathon topics. Student teams can be comprised of at least 3 people (business, computer science and biotechnology), and compete against others for mentorship, technical support and guidance from the business/investment community.

Why should you participate? The reason is that real solutions do not just appear out of nothing, they require lots of hard work across many domains, especially when it comes to innovative technologies like sequencing, genomics, microbiome and human health. That is why this program and hackathon are structured to help you get the most from the competition and use the skills and expertise you have to challenge the status quo!

Collaborate & Innovate 

Business value

Innovate: we are looking for the most promising ideas with business, technology and wellness potential 

Engaging - Hackathon (Microbiome)

Engage: join a community of builders supported by an active network of industry and academic partners


Collaborate: work with experts and peers to build solutions that improve health and wellbeing for everyone

Empower icon

Empower: learn to apply your skills in a powerful way and solve challenges business and users need

To prepare for the hackathon, qualified teams can participate in expert-led training that will prepare students to understand and use appropriate terminology and concepts needed to innovate. After completing the training, the best teams will address real problems and propose their solutions to independent judges.

Leverage our Experts to Learn and Grow

Hackathon  Week 1

Week 1: Microbiome & Technology

  • Microbiome Sequencing
  • Analytics and Bioinformatics
  • Recommendation Systems
Hackathon – Week 2

Week 2: The Human Microbiome

  • Gut, Health and Diet
  • Beauty, Comfort, and Aging
  • Pregnancy and Fem-Tech
Machine Learning for Biomedical Data — 2-1

Week 3: Machine Learning & Analytics

  • Cloud Infrastructure
  • Methods, and Algorithms
  • Visualization, UI and UX

Who will speak and present during the training sessions? Who will mentor? Who will be the judges?

Below you will find some of the members of our mentor network that are using their valuable time to share with you their expertise and help you understand and address challenges with microbiome and health.

Raya Khanin, PhD

Co-founder, LifeNome | Associate Laboratory Member at (MSKCC) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. She has done her Ph.D. in Computational Biology from the Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel.

Dr. Shibi Kannan

Founder & CEO at Oncophenomics. Dr. Kannan is an entrepreneur and computational biologist with more than two decades of cross-disciplinary experience in clinical and translational cancer research.

Liliana Nordbakk

Liliana Nordbakk is a serial entrepreneur, scientist, and investor in high-tech and biotech companies, with a demonstrated history of co-founding and growing several companies with successful exits.

Kumar Sankaran

Founder & CEO at Leucine Rich Bio. He is a business leader with Healthcare Research and experience. In his current role, he is spearheading the growth and innovation in the Microbiome domain for the Asian market.

Gepoliano Chaves

Postdoctoral Scholar at University of Chicago, Santa Cruz, California, United States. He has expertise in Biomedical Signal Processing, Epigenomics of Neuroblastoma, Biomedical Engineering

Filipa Godoy-Vitorino

Chair Microbiology and Medical Zoology Dept, Universidad de Puerto Rico; Group Leader Microbiome Lab. Research in the lab has been focused on microbial community structure and function

Rajavarman Kittu

Senior Bioinformatics specialist at Premas Lifesciences. He spends most of his time analyzing and reporting Cancer Genomics datasets from Illumina platforms in hospitals like Adyar Cancer Institute [WHO].

Dr. Sonali Khanra

Co-Founder & President at Ikiminds. 14+ yrs of experience in Healthcare, Lifesciences, and Technology startups with expertise in healthcare Innovations, project management & stakeholder management skills.

Kimberly Capone

Innovating Women's Healthcare | Chief Scientific Officer at FemTech Health, USA

Dr. JB Prajapati

Principal & Dean, SMC College of Dairy Science Coordinator, Swedish South Asian Network (SASNET) on Fermented Foods Chairman, Vidya Dairy, and Chairman, Scientific Panel on milk & milk products, FSSAI, Govt. of India. Vice President, National Academy of Dairy Science (India) Chairman, Indian Dairy Association (IDA), Gujarat State Chapter

Dr. Chris Taylor

Associate Professor | Microbiology, Immunology & Parasitology | LSU Health Sciences Center New OrleansDirector | Bioinformatics, Biostatistics & Computational Biology Core | Louisiana Biomedical Research

Ashley Koff

Founder, The Better Nutrition Program, Personalized Nutrition Expert, Consultant, Advisor, Mentor

Commercial & Academic Partners

What Makes a Winning Solution?

Value Proposition


Business: Concise value proposition, customer journey, inverter pitch, MVP presentation


Sequencing: Process, Collection, Costs, and Other Considerations


Environment/Tools: Cloud, Platforms for Analysis and Databases


 User Experience: Excellent solutions that are easy to use

Registration Cost for the Hackathon


Individual Student

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Group of Students

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Partner University

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**The program is available with a 65% discount to partner universities and institutions. Registration cost per student is reduced for a group of 4 or 5 students per group. Learn more about the partnership program here: https://edu.omicslogic.com/omics-logic-partnership 


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