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Twice a year, our community meets to review innovation in bioinformatics education and provide students with an outlook on careers and research trajectories rooted in computational biology. The Omics Research Symposium is an event aimed at bringing together this network of experts, educators, and students from all around the world to learn from each other, interact and discuss advances in this field.


Explore Bioinformatics & Data Science for Big Data 

Research Collaboration

New Advances in Enabling Technologies


Career Opportunities

4 - Omics Logic Bioinformatics Training - Presenting Project

Project Showcase & Poster Competition 

By joining, students will broaden their horizons and get an opportunity to explore collaborative projects, internships, and careers. Not only this, they will also get to explore online platforms for learning and getting hands-on practice in "Computational Biology and Data Science" for analyzing big multi-omics data and become a part of our community of 15k+ students & researchers, learn from their expertise, share thoughts and opportunities, get research guidance and accelerate their career.

Symposium Workshop (

Glimpse from the August Symposium 2021

Featured Speakers

Dr. Gus Kousoulas

President of the National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators, USA

Dr. Sona Vasudevan

Director, Systems Medicine Program at Georgetown University, USA

Dr. Adelaide Rhodes

Principal Computational Biologist at Cultivarium, Boston, MA, USA

Dr. Verena Ras

Training and Outreach Coordinator, H3ABioNet, South Africa

Dr. Rita Sharma

Associate Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, BITS Pilani, India

Dr. Puniti Mathur

Head, Center for Computational Biology and Bioinformatics, Amity University, India

Alice Kamens

Strategic Projects and Program Manager - Google Cloud, United States of America

Dr. Gaurav Ahuja

Assistant Professor, Department of Computational Biology, Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, India

Scientists and Researchers

Dr. Luis Vázquez Quiñones

Co-Director, PRINBRE Bioinformatics Core, Puerto Rico

Dr. Julia Panov

Associate Director Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center, University of Haifa, Israel

Dr. Judy Crabtree

Scientific Director, Precision Medicine Lab, LSU HSC, USA

Dr. Priyaka Narad

Assistant Professor, Bioinformatics, Amity University, India

Industry Experts

Mr. Mark Allen

Account Manager, Google - NIH STRIDES Program, USA


Dr. Uday Saxena

EC Member - FABA, Cofounder ReaGene Innovation, India


Dr. Vivek Das

Senior Research Scientist, Novo Nordisk, Denmark


Rajavarman Kittu

Clinical Bioinformatics Specialist, Premas Life Sciences, India


Experts in Space Biology

Dr. Graham Lau

Research Scientist, Blue Marble Space Institute of Science


Dr. Fathi Karouia

Scientists, NASA Ames Research Centre


Dr. Tony Z. Jia

Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Lab Manager- ELSI, Japan


Collaborators and Partners

Collaborations are essential to Pine Biotech’s success in understanding the challenges our users face and the difference we can make, so we embrace the philosophy that the sum is greater than the parts. As a result, we have developed extensive collaborations with research institutions and industrial companies across the United States, Europe, and India.

We welcome collaborations with other research organizations, industry, and all faculty!

Symposium Partners

Opportunity for Students to Showcase Their Skills and Projects

Best Presentation, Project or Collaborative Research Prizes, Virtual Poster Session, and Feedback from Expert Judges.

One of the challenges for students around the world is exposure and networking with peers and experts in the field. That is why our symposium will encourage project posters to be submitted for expert feedback and discussion to select top projects for prizes in different categories. This is especially relevant for those who are completing the summer research program by the Louisiana Biomedical Research Network (LBRN), Amity University as well as the Research Fellowship Program offered through Omics Logic Training. The submission is also open to all registered participants from high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate categories as well as for citizen science projects.

To submit your project follow the steps below:

☑️Decide whether you want to join the poster session or present in a short talk
☑️Submit the form to be selected for prize categories and get an email invitation
☑️Follow directions in the email for submitting the full poster on or before March 15th

Submit your Abstract for Poster Presentation Competition (2022)

Best Posters from August 2021

Andrew Lee Poster
Gepoliano poster
Rutvi Poster

Addressing the Pressing Challenges with Data Science Education for all Life Sciences

To address pressing challenges with training all life science students in data skills for the 21st century, we will bring together experts in life science research and education to discuss how hard and soft skills they acquire will benefit their future careers in academia and research.

How Can you Get Noticed in This Community?

Learn about the critical skills needed in academic and Industry Positions. See what others are doing.

What are The Challenges for Universities?

Hear from the leaders in project-driven education that have demonstrable outcomes in learning & placement

Where is Bioinformatics Headed?

Learn about the future of Data Science & Biology: Research & Applications in agriculture, medicine, & biotechnology.

Universities and Companies

There are opportunities to leverage what you know, discover a lot more, and make a difference.

As a student, you might be thinking about how your skills in bioinformatics can make a difference and what can you do to make an impact. That is where finding the right academic programs, knowing what kinds of topics they specialize in, and targeting a profession that will help you make a difference are critical. During the symposium, our speakers will share information about the programs they are associated with and what their focus is on. Companies will tell you about the skills and experience they are looking for. 

Companies Are Hiring!

Pharma Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies

Big pharma needs big data to make decisions about new treatments, biomarkers, and clinical trials.

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

Deciding on who to recruit and how to set up data collection based on genomic profiling

Bioinformatics and Biotechnology
Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

From new vaccines to better food supply, these are jobs and research projects of the future.

Other Industries
Other Industries

A profession, research field or as an asset to start a new business of your own.

University Programs for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Degrees


Programs that offer bioinformatics as an elective or special topic


Specialized in application or development of new methods


Programs for researchers and faculty training

What is Omics Logic?

A Growing Community of Students, Experts, and Mentors

Our community leverages publicly available data, online tools for big data analysis, and a network of mentors to help students learn bioinformatics, apply their skills to meaningful research projects and work with mentors on turning their projects into publications or research posters. The programs we offer provide training, access to high-quality tutorials, and tools anyone can learn to use independently. The program is offered at university, high school or community college levels as well as directly to citizen scientists around the world.

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Panel Discussion - Industry

What do Our Research Fellows Have to Say?

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