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Twice a year, our community meets to review innovation in bioinformatics education and provide students with an outlook on careers and research trajectories rooted in computational biology. The Omics Research Symposium is an event aimed at bringing together this network of experts, educators, and students from all around the world to learn from each other, interact and discuss advances in this field. Want to join?

We are glad to announce the upcoming symposium on  August 30 &  August 31, 2022, bringing together students, researchers, faculty, and industry to discuss recent advances in omics data and bioinformatics. Discussions will highlight challenges involved in research using computational tools for big data, opportunities in this outgrowing field, and applications of the advances in various fields - such as clinical, pharma & biotech, research, and agriculture. The symposium will be accompanied by a poster presentation session and competition, awarding prizes and giving a stage to students, faculty, and research teams to present their research work and get expert feedback. 

Here is what we will focus on this time:

Enabling Technologies

Advances in Enabling Technologies

Careers in Bioinformatics

Career Opportunities in Bioinformatics

Bioinformatics Project Posters

Project Showcase and Poster Competition 


Translational Science Hackathon: Microbiome and Health


Getting Involved: Finding Labs, Programs and Mentors

By joining the symposium, students will broaden their horizons and get an opportunity to explore collaborative projects, internships, and careers. Learn from experts and find mentors. They will also get to explore online platforms designed to help find opportunities, acquire new skills, and find opportunities. 

Symposium workshops are also a great time to get hands-on practice in Computational Biology and Data Science or solve real challenges by analyzing large-scale multi-omics data.  

Addressing the Pressing Challenges with Data Science Education for all Life Sciences

To address pressing challenges with training all life science students in data skills for the 21st century, we will bring together experts in life science research and education to discuss how hard and soft skills they acquire will benefit their future careers in academia and research.

How Can you Get Noticed in This Community?

Learn about the critical skills needed in academic and Industry Positions. See what others are doing.

What are The Challenges for Universities?

Hear from the leaders in project-driven education that have demonstrable outcomes in learning & placement

Where is Bioinformatics Headed?

Learn about the future of Data Science & Biology: Research & Applications in agriculture, medicine, & biotechnology.

Who will be speaking?

Hear about bioinformatics and computational biology from experts in various research domains of academia and industry. Learn about the diversity of projects conducted in all life sciences with big data - from nutrition to biotechnology and even forensic science! Importantly, get to know the individuals who lead such projects and hear about their story.

Symposium Partners

Keynote Speakers and Panelists

Dr. Konstantin Gus Kousoulas

President, (NAIPI) National Association of IDeA Principal Investigators. LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, Louisiana State University

Dr. Anshu Bhardwaj

Principal Scientist- Bioinformatics and Big data Analysis at CSIR IMTECH, Drug Discovery Hackathon 2020, Government of India

Dr. Jit Sarkar

Physician-Scientist at Elucidata. Trained in Multi-omics Analysis (RNA Sequencing, Single Cell Sequencing, Proteomics, Metabolomics) as well as Clinical Dataset Analysis.

Dr. Sara Zapico

Assistant professor in the Department of Chemistry and Environmental Sciences at NJIT

Dr. Nikolay Oskolkov

Bioinformatician at Lund University, Sweden, and Science for Life Laboratory (SciLifeLab). Research interests include computational biology and data science

Dr. Suchi Nagar

Assistant Professor at D.Y. Patil University, Pune, India

Dr. S. Jois

Professor of Medicinal Chemistry in the School of Basic Pharmaceutical and Toxicological Sciences, University of Louisiana

Dr. April Wright

Associate Professor at Southeastern Louisiana University

Dr. Shibi Kannan

Founder & CEO at Oncophenomics. He is working in cancer genomics field and exploring the SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphisms), INDELS (insertions and deletions)

Paidamoyo Kachambwa

Bioinformatics Team Leader at the Centre for Proteomic and Genomic Research (CPGR) and works 50% of her time as the Bioinformatics Coordinator at DIPLOMICS, a CPGR grant program

Dr. Francis Zeukeng

Molecular Epidemiologist Lecturer at the University of Buea in Cameroon and an Associate Researcher at the Biotechnology Centre of the University of Yaounde

Dr. Sonali Khanra

Co-Founder & President at Ikiminds. 14+ yrs of experience in Healthcare, Lifesciences, and Technology startups with expertise in healthcare Innovations, project management & stakeholder management skills.

Dr. Shawn Polson

Director, Bioinformatics Core Facility at University of Delaware

Dr. Julia Panov

Associate Director Tauber Bioinformatics Research Center at University of Haifa

Dr. Nidhi Khurana

Head Coordinator at (FABA) Federation of Asian Biotech Associations

Raya Khanin, PhD

Co-founder, LifeNome | Associate Laboratory Member at (MSKCC) Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

The Omics Research Symposium is an Opportunity for Students to Showcase Their Skills and Projects

One of the challenges for students around the world is exposure and networking with peers and experts in the field. That is why we encourage project posters to be submitted for expert feedback and consideration of top projects for prizes. The submission is open to all registered participants from high school, undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate categories as well as for citizen science projects. To submit your project follow the steps below:

  • Decide whether you want to join the poster session or present in a short talk
  • Submit the form to be selected for prize categories and get an email invitation
  • Follow directions in the email for submitting the full poster on or before August 20

Submit your Abstract:

Best Posters from March 2022

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Universities and Companies


There are opportunities to leverage what you know, discover a lot more, and make a difference.

As a student, you might be thinking about how your skills in bioinformatics can make a difference and what can you do to make an impact. That is where finding the right academic programs, knowing what kinds of topics they specialize in, and targeting a profession that will help you make a difference are critical. During the symposium, our speakers will share information about the programs they are associated with and what their focus is on. Companies will tell you about the skills and experience they are looking for. 

Companies Are Hiring!

Pharma Companies
Pharmaceutical Companies

Big pharma needs big data to make decisions about new treatments, biomarkers, and clinical trials.

Clinical Research Organizations (CRO)

Deciding on who to recruit and how to set up data collection based on genomic profiling

Bioinformatics and Biotechnology
Bioinformatics and Biotechnology

From new vaccines to better food supply, these are jobs and research projects of the future.

Other Industries
Other Industries

A profession, research field or as an asset to start a new business of your own.


What is Omics Logic?

A Growing Community of Students, Experts, and Mentors

Our community leverages publicly available data, online tools for big data analysis, and a network of mentors to help students learn bioinformatics, apply their skills to meaningful research projects and work with mentors on turning their projects into publications or research posters. The programs we offer provide training, access to high-quality tutorials, and tools anyone can learn to use independently. The program is offered at university, high school or community college levels as well as directly to citizen scientists around the world.