Upcoming Program in Collaboration with FABA

Academic - Industry Partnership between Federation of Asian Biotech Associations & Pine Biotech

Pine Biotech and FABA have discussed and agreed to collaborate in offering, conducting, and promoting the training programs and offer to support and assist in the recruitment and placement of students in the field of life sciences. This collaboration will further expand the mentorship and expertise pool offered through the Pine Biotech Omics Logic training programs in Asia, promoting the members of FABA and delivering industry-ready curriculum. Pine Biotech and FABA will collaborate in offering training to industry, students and faculty to develop in-demand practical skills, offer joint certification and placement in the biotechnology industry. To learn more about the collaboration, visit: https://edu.omicslogic.com/blog/pine-biotech-and-faba

Pine Biotech - FABA

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As students embark on their professional journey with freshly completed degrees, they often wonder how professional life will be different from studies. Many prepare for this moment in advance, exploring possibilities to work in an area of interest through internships and research fellowships during their studies. FABA recognizes the need to enable students to participate in such meaningful experiences early on, leading to a pursuit of collaborations with industry. As a result, there is a natural fit between FABA and Pine Biotech, a Big Data Analytics company that is focused on bioinformatics and machine learning for biomedical data. As a result, Pine Biotech will work closely with FABA faculty, and administration to develop a pipeline for students to get training and apply their bioinformatics skills in research and industry projects as interns and research fellows with the company. This process starts with a program designed to introduce students from all backgrounds to the intersection of biology and data science, we call it Omics Logic.

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What is Omics Logic?

A Growing Community of Students, Experts and Mentors

Our community leverages publicly available data, online tools for big data analysis and a network of mentors to help students learn bioinformatics, apply their skills to meaningful research projects and work with mentors on turning their projects into publications or research posters. The programs we offer provide training, access to high quality tutorials and tools anyone can learn to use independently. The program is offered at university, high school or community college levels as well as directly to citizen scientists around the world.

The Omics Logic Advantage

Self-Paced Learning

Study at your own pace online completing modules designed for graduate and undergraduate levels

Project-based Curriculum

Don't just learn about bioinformatics, learn while working on research projects with real data

Hands on with Big Data

Go from practice to research in a matter of days by leveraging the cloud-based analytical platform

Expert Mentors

When you start learning, you are not on your own. The programs are supported by an expert team

Glimpses from OmicsLogic Research Fellows Journey

The fellowship program offers a combination of online resources and mentor guidance to prepare you and help you complete a bioinformatics project. Registration fees cover the costs of training, mentorship and big data T-BioInfo Server. The platform is a cloud-based analytical server used by research labs and independent scientists around the world. 

Research Fellowship Program

A comprehensive overview of available modules, project examples, tools and skills covered in the Omics Logic Training Modules

As many options are available to offer asynchronous, synchronous and blended versions of the training modules, we recommend faculty and students to get in touch with our program coordinator to get more information.

After filling out the form on your right, you will be able to schedule a call with one of our representers to answer your questions about the training and find the right program for you and your organization.

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Various fields of Omicslogic Research Projects

To Request for More Information, e-mail us at marketing@omicslogic.com

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